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Current Projects



by Ben Asaykwee, Sam Collier, James DeVita, Mindi Dickstein, Theresa Heskins, Joe Jurek, Ronald Keaton, Nikhil Mahapatra, and Mallory Jane Weiss


Given the simple prompt, "hello winter," nine writers were given the task to create a new short story to be put in this new short story collection. This unique group of stories were all crafted in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and brings writers from two continents and five states together when we all must stay safely apart. 

ISBN-13 : 979-8696145266

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Past Projects


by Jane Austen

Adapted by India Marie Paul

Jane Austen's first written work, LADY SUSAN, was never publication ready but was still published after her death. She began the piece when she was 17 years old and wrote the narrative all in letters with a conclusion writing out the rest of the story's outline. It follows a widow who has to flee to her in-laws estate in the country and is determined to get her daughter married. With her charm and wit she  manages to throw this quiet place into quite a tizzy. 

Our adaptation aims to make this novella feel complete with the addition of a narrator who has uncovered these letters in an investigation into her namesake, the one and only Lady Susan.

Paperback Edition

ISBN: 978-1-71698-559-1

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